The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) and Racing Horse Productions produced EXPIRED as a collaborative effort between two programs at Harvard Law School: one that aims to provide hands-on opportunities for students to learn about and improve the laws and policies shaping the food system and one that aims to test and teach media advocacy techniques in the context of real world practice.

Students and faculty in the FPLC worked with Harvard Law School professional filmmakers Rebecca Richman Cohen and Nathaniel Hansen to plan, produce, edit, and distribute the video.  Our approach to teaching and learning focused on strengthening legal media advocacy skills – empowering students to tell compelling stories in tactically and legally sophisticated ways to effectively sway public opinion and affect policy change. FLPC students involved in this project worked on this film as a media advocacy component of their greater project of conducting legal and policy research, educating consumers and policymakers, and pushing for policy change to reduce the waste of healthy, wholesome foods in the United States.

The Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) is an experiential learning program at Harvard Law School devoted to educating students about the laws and policies structuring the food system while offering them opportunities to work hands-on with clients and partners in this field.

Executive Producer: Emily Broad Leib

Producers: Ona Balkus, Kelliann Blazek, and Christina Rice

Writers: Melissa Alpert, Emily Cole Groden, Emily Deddens, Lee Miller, Kelly Nuckolls, Katherine Sandson, Rohan Taneja, and Steven Xie

Racing Horse Productions is a documentary film production company dedicated to illuminating vital stories about law and justice.

Director and Producer: Rebecca Richman Cohen

Producer, Editor and Director of Photography: Nathaniel Hansen

Location Audio: Mike Kasic and Billy Wirasnik

Additional Camera: Shaun Clarke

Consultant: Ian Cheney


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